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Hello & welcome!

I’m Alisha,
A Registered Nurse, Skin Therapist & Makeup Artist. With special interests in Aesthetics, Dermatology & Ultrasound.

I take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, all while creating an environment where you feel safe and listened to. I provide professional insights into how we can work together to achieve the results YOU desire.

I offer bespoke aesthetic consultations for facial volume loss, signs of ageing, facial asymmetries, fine lines & wrinkles, skin concerns, acne & scar revision. I pride myself offering a more natural and understanding to approach to aesthetic medicine. Allow me to be your guide on a journey to a more confident and beautiful you.

I promise we will have lots of fun along the way.

Our Services

Complimentary Bespoke Aesthetic Consultation

Consultation - Fine lines / Wrinkles

Consultation - Volume loss / Facial asymmetries / Ageing

Consultation - Lips

Consultation - Bruxism / Jaw clenching

Consultation - Hypehirdrosis

Consultation - Hair loss

Consultation - Scar / Acne

SkinPen Needling +/- Growth factors +/- Exosomes (Complimentary LED)

Rejuran - Eye / Classic / Scar